Playced Recruiting: Camp invites mean more than you think

Playced Recruiting: Camp invites mean more than you think

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Playced Recruiting: Camp invites mean more than you think


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If you message a college coach that’s never seen you play, aside from the game film you attached in that message or email, what are you expecting as a response? Seriously, how do you think that coach should respond? Are you thinking that coach should drop everything and call you immediately? Should that coach offer you a scholarship based on your first message or watching your highlight video?

As a high school athlete, you’ve got to realize that this is a process. And, it’s extremely important for you to manage the expectations you have of college coaches during this process. How can you manage those expectations? Well, try to understand what a logical response from them should be, especially if they’ve never met you or seen you play.

Let’s say you send a message introducing yourself, you attach some film, the coach opens your message and actually likes your highlight video. Logically speaking, that coach is going to want to say hello and create some sort of dialogue. And, since that coach has never seen you play, he or she will want to figure out a way to see you play! Unfortunately, the chances of that coach seeing you play aren’t in your favor, given the limited recruiting budgets that most college programs work with.

So, what should your expectations be when sending a first message to a coach? Well, a camp invite is probably the most realistic option you could hope for. And here’s why; if that coach isn’t able to come see you play, the only other chance you have of that happening will come from attending their camp.

Here’s the deal: you’re not going to get a scholarship by sending one message and you’re definitely not going to get a scholarship if a coach hasn’t seen you play in-person. Knowing that is huge to understanding how college recruiting works. It’s also huge to understanding how important camps are in the college recruiting process. So, if a coach is responds to your first message and invites you to a camp, feel good about that. Because logically, what else could you ask for?

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