Recruit of the Week: Graham Hill, Prestonwood Christian Academy (Texas)

Photo: Hill Family

Recruit of the Week: Graham Hill, Prestonwood Christian Academy (Texas)


Recruit of the Week: Graham Hill, Prestonwood Christian Academy (Texas)


“Graham’s a dark alley guy. He’s the guy you want when you’re going into the fight. His coaches and teammates love him and trust him. You want Graham Hill on your side.” -Coach Chris Cunningham

Photo: Hill Family


Graham Hill
High School: Prestonwood Christian Academy
Hometown: Plano, TX
Height | Weight: 6’3” | 205 lbs
Jersey #: 8
Position: WR, OLB
Graduation: 2020
Coached By: Chris Cunningham
College Commitment: Undecided
NCAA ID #: 1905588683
40 Yard Dash: 4.61 secs
Shuttle: 4.26 secs
Vertical: 33”
Bench Press: 300 lbs

Photo: Hill Family

Coach Cunningham on Graham Hill:

Aside from his physical talent, what makes Graham an attractive recruit?

Graham has a picture of who he wants to be. He’s got goals not just for his season, but more importantly, for his future. What sets Graham apart is the character that consistently shows up in his decision-making. The choices he makes line up with the goals he sets. And, that’s not just a football thing. It’s so obvious to see the integrity in his work ethic and that’s why this young man has such an amazingly bright future.

What physical qualities will translate well for Graham at the next level?

He’s a big, physical kid. He’s one of those guys that is just blessed with a good frame and outstanding athleticism. He’s got long arms, he’s rangy and he runs really well. Graham loves the weight room and he’s got the frame to support the size and strength. You can really see the explosiveness in how he plays the game. He’s going to hit you and you’re going to feel it! What’s fun to consider is what he will look like as a finished product. He’s going to get faster; he’s going to get bigger and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch him progress through his career.

 What is your message to any college program interested in Graham?

Graham is just scratching the surface. Physically, he has what it takes, and he isn’t even done maturing or developing, yet. In Graham, you’ve got a patient worker. He’s not a guy looking for instant gratification. Instead, Graham understands how important the process is. There isn’t an ounce of entitlement in Graham and he is always going to put his team before himself. I would tell any program interested in bringing him in is making an excellent decision. You are going to get the best return on an investment in Graham Hill.

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