Recruit of the Week: Jayden McGrew, South Garland

Photo: Visuals By Dre

Recruit of the Week: Jayden McGrew, South Garland

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Recruit of the Week: Jayden McGrew, South Garland


(Photo: Visuals By Dre)

“Jayden’s a winner. He’s a guy you want leading your program.” -Coach Dominique Parker


School: South Garland
Hometown: Garland, Texas
Height | Weight: 6’2” | 186 lbs
Jersey #: 4
Position: PG, SG
Graduation: 2019
Coached By: Dominique Parker

Academic Achievements:

  • 3.67 GPA
  • Ranked #28 out of 556

Athletic Achievements:

  • Varsity starter (3 years)
  • 2017/18 All District (honorable mention)

(Photo: Visuals By Dre)

Coach Parker on Jayden McGrew:

Aside from his athletic ability, what makes Jayden an attractive recruit? 

“Jayden is an exceptionally bright young man. You tell him something once, he understands and picks it up very quickly. Jayden is also a guy that is constantly working on his game. He doesn’t need anyone telling him that he’s got to work. He is driven and works to get better because of the expectations he has for himself. Jayden is a self-starter and extremely aware. He is the type of player that coaches dream of because he can play three or four different positions. He knows the game of basketball.” 

What physical qualities will translate well for Jayden at the next level?

“He’s a big guard. Jayden is 6’2”, long arms and has a very athletic build. He’s still growing, and he just gets more athletic every day. If you couple his size with his athletic ability, Jayden is absolutely on par with that of an athlete at the next level. I truly believe he will be very successful as a college athlete.”

What is your message to any college program interested in Jayden?

“If you’re looking for a kid that’s tough-minded, is all in for the team and will do anything you ask of him, Jayden is that guy. He is going to guard the other team’s best perimeter player. He plays hard on both ends of the court and is just as steady as you can get. Jayden’s a standout in the classroom. He will always represent his family name and his school with integrity. Jayden’s a winner. He’s a guy you want leading your program.”

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