Recruiting Tip: Am I a good fit for this program?

Recruiting Tip: Am I a good fit for this program?

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Recruiting Tip: Am I a good fit for this program?


Take away the scholarship offer and the signing party. Forget that the coach recruiting you makes you feel like Zion Williamson and tells you everything you want to hear. Pretend you don’t know your parents really, really want you to play for this school. And, disregard that this program has a deal with Adidas.

Is this a program that you would want to play for if none of those things were a part of the equation?

If you can’t genuinely answer yes to this question, you may want to rethink your college commitment. Consider a few of these ideas when answering whether or not you’re a good fit for a program:

  • Is the coach honest with me, or just telling me what I want to hear? Does his/her coaching style match my playing style?
  • When do I realistically have a chance to play or contribute to the team?
  • What is the makeup of the team? Good team chemistry?
  • What does the competition of the playing schedule look like?
  • How are athletes treated on campus by other students and professors?
  • If applicable, will this program prepare me for a professional career in my sport?

Listen, being a student-athlete at the next level is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever go through. But, make no mistake about it, it’s also a full-time job!

So, make sure when you’re making a commitment, you’re considering the things that matter. Consider what your everyday life in that program looks like and consider the people in the program.

Don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour.

Stay focused on making a decision that accounts for your happiness for 4 years, and not just a signing day party!

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