Recruiting Tip: How to overcome schools telling you 'no'

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Being rejected is as much a part of the college recruiting process as getting an offer.

Nearly every high school athlete is going to be told no. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make your rejection any easier. But having a program turn you down actually serves a pretty meaningful purpose, if you let it.

Like any mistake or failure in life, being rejected during the recruiting process gives you an opportunity to grow, mature and adjust. Understand the ultimate goal of the recruiting process is to find the school that’s going to give you the best experience academically, athletically and socially.

So, when it comes to recruiting rejection, here’s a three-step process to help you overcome any of that frustration or heartache you’ll inevitably experience:

  1. Accept that rejection is just part of the process. That will allow you to overcome any fear of failure and will get you that much closer to your perfect school.
  2. Learn from it. Figure out why you are being told no, so you can make the necessary adjustments that will lead to a yes.
  3. Understand that you are what you are. It shouldn’t take long to determine the college level and programs that are right for you. Let the rejection straighten your path. Don’t put pressure on yourself by trying to be something you’re not. Look at it as an evaluation. Once you know who you are, opportunities will start coming your way.

Bottom line; rejection is part of the recruiting process. Learn from it, don’t take it personally and make the necessary adjustments.

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