Recruiting Tip: Who do I email?

Recruiting Tip: Who do I email?

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Recruiting Tip: Who do I email?


One of most common themes we get questions about is emailing a college coach. Whether it’s “what do I say” or “when should I send it,” it feels like we’re routinely answering those questions for high school athletes.

So, ask and you shall receive! Over the next month, we will be discussing the who, what, where, when and why of emailing college coaches. First up, is the “who.” Who do I email?

Typically speaking, a conversation takes place with at least two people. When it comes to college recruiting, you definitely want to make sure you aren’t just talking to yourself! To make sure of that, you should be emailing programs you can actually play for. Not only should you be able to play for those particular schools, you should also be sure you’re academically qualified for those schools. Because, one guarantee you can count on when sending intro emails to coaches is this:  if you can’t cut it in the classroom or on the field, you won’t be getting any replies.

Now, once you’ve determined what schools make sense for you, you need to figure out which coach on staff handles the recruiting and use them as your email’s main recipient. Most likely, that’s the recruiting coordinator. I’d also highly recommend you “cc” (carbon copy) every coach on staff that might have a say in recruiting you. For instance, if you play defensive back in football, use the recruiting coordinator as your main recipient and “cc” the other defensive coaches. When sending an email, your goal should be to create some sort of accountability within that coaching staff to respond to your email. You want to hear back from the coaches you send emails to — good or bad. Additionally, you have a much better chance of getting a reply if you send the same email to multiple coaches on staff, as opposed to just one coach.

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Recruiting Tip: Who do I email?
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