Safford (Ariz.) HS gives vague statement regarding football hazing punishments

Safford (Ariz.) High School investigated the alleged hazing incident that took place at a football camp last month with video capturing a player being punched in the chest and abdomen.

A.J. Taylor of the Safford district made a seven-word email response on Sunday:

“We have investigated and taken appropriate action.”

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What was found and what disciplinary action was taken, Taylor did not disclose.

He repeated the same statement.

When asked if head coach Eric Hjalmarson would remain coaching, Taylor, who is director of instructional service for the Safford Unified School District, sent the same statement:

“We have investigated and taken appropriate action.”

The father of the victim, not satisfied with the district’s statement, is expected to meet later this week with Safford superintendent Ken Van Winkle.

In early June, a cell-phone video was obtained by Channel 12 News of the incident:

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