Tenn. high school football coach saves life of 7-year-old on Florida beach

Photo: Tim Shortt/Florida Today File

Football coaches aren’t just leaders on the sideline, they’re leaders in action, too.

As reported by Chattanooga ABC affiliate WTVC, local high school football coach Curt Jones, from Chattanooga (Tenn.) Central High, saved the life of a seven year old who was pulled out to sea in Panama City, Fla.

According to Jones and his wife, Misty Cherry Jones, the coach was in Panama City on the beach on a day when lifeguards flew red flags to warn against swimming. One youngster apparently overlooked or didn’t heed the warnings of strong current, and was ripped out as far as 50 yards into ocean open.

Jones sprang into action, swimming out to save the child. Then he came back to shore, where he had been playing with his family.

The coach simply wants his experience to reinforce the importance of families heeding the lifeguard’s flag warnings.

“I did what I would want any father to do for my child,” Jones told WTVC.

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