The Cassius Stanley Blog: Settling in at Duke, Matthew Hurt's dominance and more

The Cassius Stanley Blog: Settling in at Duke, Matthew Hurt's dominance and more

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The Cassius Stanley Blog: Settling in at Duke, Matthew Hurt's dominance and more


Cassius Stanley was ranked No. 17 overall in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25 for 2019 and recently started his freshman year at Duke. Stanley dominated the Nike EYBL and at Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, Calif.), claiming back-to-back state titles. Now he’s closing out his USA TODAY Sports blog.

What’s up guys, it’s Cassius back with another blog!

Actually, this is gonna be my last blog, which is crazy to think. Kinda sad, but it just means that I’m going to another chapter in my career so that’s exciting at the same time.

I just finished up summer session at Duke and it was great.

The basketball has been amazing, everything from the coaching to the team bonding has been a lot of fun.

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We’re gonna be really good this season.

I know everyone says that, but after spending the summer with these guys I’m confident.

We’re really a family already. We’ll be really deep and we’ve all bought in.

We know the goal is to win a national title and we’re all focused on that.

The player that has impressed me the most this summer is Matthew Hurt. He’s just a brilliant basketball player. He lets the game come to him and he gets the same results that he would get if he were trying to force the action or pressing it.

I’m a big fan of his.

As far as the college life, I was pretty independent when I was at home, so it wasn’t as big of an adjustment. The biggest adjustments have been the time change and that North Carolina humidity. It’s nothing like it is in LA!

Thinking back over my high school career the moments that standout for me are winning states as a freshman and then transferring to Sierra Canyon and winning back-to-back titles in my last two years. It was crazy that we won it so fast; most people expected us to get to that point eventually, but no one expected us to click from the beginning.

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The other standout moment for me was committing to Duke. That was obviously big.

I think by the time everyone sees me play in November the part of my game that they’ll see has grown the most is my strength. That and just being under the greatest coach of all time has taken me to another level mentally too.

It’s crazy because as Coach K just simplifies everything and breaks it down to a level you never thought about.

He amazes me every day.

OK, guys it’s been real!

I appreciate you all reading my blog over the last year and a half and supporting me. I may drop in with another blog during the season, so until then!

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