The Dior Johnson Blog: Confidence, Fairfax, LeBron James and more

The Dior Johnson Blog: Confidence, Fairfax, LeBron James and more

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The Dior Johnson Blog: Confidence, Fairfax, LeBron James and more


Dior Johnson is one of the top guards in the country regardless of class and put on a show this past summer playing with Strive For Greatness (California). This high school season he’ll suit up at Fairfax High School (Los Angeles) and will likely keep a carousel of the country’s top college coaches in the stands. Now, Johnson has agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world, this is Dior and I’m here to tell you guys a little bit about my life on and off the basketball court so let’s get started.

My last tournament was at the Hoop Group event a couple weeks back and I had a lot of fun.

I feel like I dominated, but more than that it was just a fun way to end the summer.

This year I ran with Strive For Greatness and we had a great season. They had a great platform and I really took advantage.

This was the best experience I had because the team was really like a brotherhood and it’s really helped me a lot on and off the court.

Basically, as long as we locked in defensively coach let us rock!

I needed to be in an open system where the coach trusted me and that’s what I got.

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Most people know that it’s LeBron’s team and he traveled around with us all summer. He’s been a great role model for me, just giving advice and teaching me things.

I think the best advice he gave me all summer was to “keep going.”

That’s just something he would always say trying to keep us motivated. That and make sure to always have fun. I really took that to heart.

This year I’ll be playing at Fairfax and I’m excited about that.

I think we’re gonna bring back that Fairfax energy from back in the day. We have good players and we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.

Everyone is talking about Sierra Canyon this year, but if we play them I’m gonna do them dirty! Believe that.

I love when teams are hyped because it makes me want to beat them even more.

I definitely think that a state championship is possible for us this season.

I’m really confident anyway, but, on the court, I’m even more confident.

I’m a talker on the court, everyone knows that. I do whatever I can to get in my opponent’s head. People say that I remind them of Allen Iverson because I’m really different. I don’t really care how people look at me because I’m confident in me.

I talk that talk!

I love competition and I love when people go at each other.

Now that I’m done for the summer I’m not planning to touch a basketball again until school starts later this month.

I don’t really have any plans; I’m just gonna chill out, watch games, maybe hit the movies.

My recruitment is going cool; I know that most of the schools are coming out to see me when I get to Fairfax so I’m looking forward to that.

Right now, Alabama, Syracuse and Memphis are probably recruiting me the hardest.

I’m definitely trying to get down to Syracuse in September for a visit, but other than that I don’t have anything else planned.

Away from the court, I don’t watch TV and I don’t play video games; I’m mostly just scrolling on my phone. Twitter makes me laugh!

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I read all kinds of posts and comments because you get the craziest stuff on Twitter. Overtime posts funny videos all the time and Stephen A. Smith is hilarious too!

Other than that, I just saw the Lion King, but I actually fell asleep, so I can’t say whether I liked it or not. I’m gonna finish it and I’ll let you guys know what I think.

Like most guys my age I listen to a lot of music; my favorite artists are 50 Cent, G Herbo, Meek Mill, Chief Keefe, Rick Ross, Tupac, Casanova, Pop Smoke… I like a lot of different guys.

OK, I’ve gotta get going, but I appreciate everyone tuning in for blog No. 1. I’ll have more for y’all when I check back in.

I’m outta here!

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