The Dior Johnson Blog: Giving up trash-talk, Polo G, recruitment and more

The Dior Johnson Blog: Giving up trash-talk, Polo G, recruitment and more

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The Dior Johnson Blog: Giving up trash-talk, Polo G, recruitment and more


Dior Johnson is one of the top guards in the country regardless of class and put on a show this past summer playing with Strive For Greatness (California). This high school season he’ll suit up at Mayfair High School (Lakewood, Calif.) and will likely keep a carousel of the country’s top college coaches in the stands. Now, Johnson has agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world, it’s Dior back with my second blog so stay tuned it’s about to get interesting!

I’m excited about my team this year! I expected that we would be good, but it’s, honestly, going even better than I thought.

We just have a chemistry on the court that is hard to explain. It wasn’t like that from the beginning, but we have really grown a lot in a short time.

Our guard play will be strong for sure, we don’t really have a true big, but we score from all three levels.

We just have to play bigger and that’s what we’ve been doing.

The biggest thing is that we have to do the little things like box out and crash the boards.

I feel like we’re one of the best teams in the country.

We start out in a tournament in Las Vegas where we could bump in to Sierra Canyon!

I want that bad too! Baaaad!

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I try and mix it up and do different things when I’m training, and something that’s been working for me lately is yoga.

I’ve been doing yoga for the last two months and I can see how much it’s helping my game with mobility and things like that. Mentally too!

I actually sit in a dark room and do my yoga. It really relaxes my body and my mind.

As for my recruitment, I just focus on the schools that have been recruiting me the whole time. It’s been an ongoing thing since middle school for me so it’s nothing new. I’ve built a strong relationship with Memphis, Alabama and Syracuse, but I’m just taking my time with everything and not really rushing anything with it.

OK, with school I would have to say that my favorite class right now is English. It just comes natural to me.

Right now, I have a 3.4 GPA and I’m gunning for that 4.0!

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OK, with the music, all I’m really listening to right now is Pop Smoke and Polo G!

I don’t really listen to anyone else right now; they’re holding it down for me.

You guys might not believe this, but I don’t really talk trash on the court anymore. I let it go.

I’ve found that too many people see that as a negative. I’ve had so many parents come to me after games and say that they thought I was a bad person until they met me. It’s really perception and reality.

I know who I am, but if it takes for me to stop talking trash on the court to change how I’m being perceived then I want to do that.

I’m still me; I’m still competitive and I go harder than ever, but I just don’t talk trash anymore.

OK guys, I’ve gotta get going, but thanks, as always, I appreciate you reading.

Check back in soon with me and I’ll have another update!

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