The Greg Brown Blog: Big fun on visits, Playboi Carti, studio time and more

The Greg Brown Blog: Big fun on visits, Playboi Carti, studio time and more

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The Greg Brown Blog: Big fun on visits, Playboi Carti, studio time and more


Greg Brown is one of the most dynamic and versatile players in the country, evident of his No. 7 overall ranking in USA Today Sport’ Chosen 25. He dominated the competition this past summer with the Texas Titans and is set to have another big year at Vandegrift High School (Austin, Texas). Brown’s production has made him one of America’s most wanted high school players with North Carolina, Memphis, Texas, Kentucky and Auburn all giving chase. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s going on everybody, this is Greg Brown and this is my first blog with USA Today!

Right now, basketball season is just starting up for me so it’s an exciting time.

We look pretty good this year, but we have a lot of work to do just with chemistry and things like that.

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I definitely think that we’re a better team this year, and our goal is just to focus on what’s in front of us.

We’re not even talking about state, we’re just focused on the game that’s next.

Just don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

I know everyone wants to hear about my recruitment so let’s get into that.

For everybody who doesn’t know my top five schools are Kentucky, Texas, Memphis, Auburn and North Carolina.

I’ve visited all of the schools, but Texas was the only official visit that I’ve taken so far.

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I’m planning more officials, but it won’t be until late November.

On the visits I just try and soak up a little bit of everything; the history, the coaching staff, the atmosphere and things like that.

It’s fun getting out and seeing the campuses.

The fans make the visits a lot of fun. They go all out for their basketball teams.

When I was at North Carolina it took me like 30 minutes to get out of the there just because I was signing autographs and taking pictures. Kentucky was crazy too; it was LOUD in there.

This whole experience is just something that you never get used to. It’s pretty wild.

Even though I have a good time on the visits, I still make sure to focus on how I would fit in at the school.

My plan right now is just to wait and keep talking to the schools. I want to wait and see who all is coming in and who may leave and things like that.

I’m having a lot of conversations with different players in my class about where they may be going too.

I think it would be nice to team up with some talented guys in college. We’ll see what happens!

School is cool; I’d have to say that my favorite class right now is Science.

I have loved learning about the environment and the animals. It’s just interesting.

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One of my biggest goal this year is to get my GPA up.

I’m at a 3.4 right now, but I want to get to 3.7 this period.

My favorite rapper is Playboi Carti, but for the last couple weeks I’ve been listening to a lot of NBA YoungBoy. His new album is tough!

When I’m not on the court, I watch a lot of anime. That’s something that not a lot of people know about me.

I’m really into that.

Recently, I just got into music too.

One of my friends started getting in to DJ-ing and I mess around with him a little bit. I’ve been writing some lyrics so I’m trying to perfect that before I hop in the studio! I don’t want people calling me a bum or anything! Haha!

I think I’m gonna put something out or record something before the year is over though.

I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

OK, again this is Greg Brown and that’s it for blog No. 1.

Make sure you check back in soon for the next one.

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