The Haley Jones Blog: Getting to know the No. 1 player

The Haley Jones Blog: Getting to know the No. 1 player

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The Haley Jones Blog: Getting to know the No. 1 player


Haley Jones is the No. 1 overall player in the ESPN HoopGurlz 100 for 2019 and recently signed with Stanford. The 6-foot-1 wing, who hails from Archbishop Mitty (San Jose, Calif.), was named to the preseason ALL-USA team and helped Team USA win gold in Belarus last summer. Now Jones has agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into her world by chronicling her life in a blog.

Hi everyone, it’s Haley Jones here with my new blog: Daily Dose of Haley!

For the first blog I will keep it simple. Since you may not know much about me, I’m going to share my answers to a BuzzFeed personality quiz with you!

In bold will be the BuzzFeed statements and I’ll give a short answer on whether I agree or disagree with the statement so you can get to know who I am.

Check out the quiz so you can take it too!

I love meeting and getting to know new people…

This is so true. I enjoy getting to meet new people whether it is through friends, basketball or just talking to someone new at school. Meeting new people used to be uncomfortable, but I’ve found that some of my closest friends are people I was nervous to meet at first. You never know who you will connect once you get out of your comfort zone.

I hate being the center of attention…

Valid. Being the center of the attention is very uncomfortable for me. I would rather the entire team get recognized rather than single one player out because no single player could have achieved their goal without the help of their teammates.

It’s far more important to be honest than kind…

With this, finding a happy medium between the two would be the ideal option. I hope to find a way to be honest with people but presenting it in a kind way. I find that people are more likely to be open to hearing what you have to say if it is a kinder presentation. It is easier to listen to someone who is telling you the truth in a compassionate way, rather than a person bluntly being honest with no care for how it makes you feel.

I care a lot about what other people think about me…

I used to struggle with this quite a bit, but I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing support system that gives me strength and confidence. What other people think of me is their own opinion, but it’s usually based on what they see on the court or on social media. That’s not a complete picture so I can’t give those opinions power.

I’m not satisfied at the end of the day unless I’ve done something productive…

This is somewhat true. I find that the days I feel most satisfied are days that I have been productive with something. Other days, I am completely satisfied with having nothing on my schedule to do. We all need days to just chill. Like just sit at home and watch Netflix, go to the movies, go do nothing with friends, just time to relax.

I’d rather get lost in a good book than binge-watch a good TV show…

I’d rather binge a show on Netflix or have a movie marathon to be honest. You can never go wrong with re-watching a classic show like “One Tree Hill,” “The Office,” “Friends,” “Gossip Girl” or my favorite “Grey’s Anatomy.” Even a movie marathon is really the move sometimes like with “Star Wars” or romantic comedies that you find deep in the Netflix archive.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Catch up soon on the next Daily Dose of Haley.

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