The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Down to 10, setting up officials, Lil Tjay and more

The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Down to 10, setting up officials, Lil Tjay and more

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The Jaemyn Brakefield Blog: Down to 10, setting up officials, Lil Tjay and more


Jaemyn Brakefield is ranked No. 16 overall in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25 for 2020 and already has college basketball heavyweights like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA and Louisville, among many others, all in hot pursuit. Brakefield, a forward at Huntington Prep (W.Va.), had a strong summer with Phenom University (Wisconsin) in the Nike EYBL this summer.  Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

Hey world, what’s up it’s Jaemyn back with another blog to catch you guys up on everything.

I’ve cut my list down to 10: Michigan State, Louisville, Oregon, UCLA, Kansas, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Auburn, Michigan and Florida State.

It was really tough to get it down to 10 because I was interested in other schools, but when it really came down to it those were the schools I was most interested in and the coaches that I had the best relationships with.

It’s easier to manage now that the list is down. It was getting out of hand there for a little bit so I’m happy that I can just focus on these schools now.

Next up for me is just gathering more information about the schools and just talking to my family and my coaches about what’s best.

When I cut my list, I had schools that reached out asking me about still recruiting me, but most of those schools hadn’t offered like Memphis, North Carolina and Duke.

It was basically a situation where they aren’t sure they need to recruit at my position, but if that changes then I would be open to them too. I still keep in touch with them.

So far, the only visit I have setup is Louisville on Sept. 26. I’ve been in contact with all of the other schools just trying to see which ones I’m going to visit.

I’ve had a lot of different talks with guys in my class about teaming up in college. I talk to Sharife Cooper a lot about it and other guys too. We all want to have the best chance to win and so we’re just seeing what’s possible.

I’m kicking off my senior year now at Huntington Prep and I’m excited because I’m gonna be the first four-year player ever at the school. With so many guys moving around that’s big for me to just stay with the school I started with.

I think our team is gonna be strong this season.

We’ve got Isaiah Cottrell in from Bishop Gorman and he’s really good. He’s committed to West Virginia and he’s way better than even I thought.

He’s really, really good; I knew that, but it’s different when you’re working out with someone and you get to see all the aspects of their game.

He’s gonna be big for us this year.

We’ve got some other guys that are coming in too so stay tuned but look out for Huntington Prep this season!

My classes are going well so far; my jujitsu class is definitely the most interesting right now. I’m learning a lot!

Musically, I’m listening to a lot of Lil Tjay, Lucci, Meek Mill… It just depends on the day with me. I listen to a lot of different guys.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, but I appreciate y’all reading my blog.

Check back soon and I’ll get another one rolling for y’all.

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