The Kennedy Chandler Blog: College coaches swarming, hunting second title and more

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The Kennedy Chandler Blog: College coaches swarming, hunting second title and more

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The Kennedy Chandler Blog: College coaches swarming, hunting second title and more


Kennedy Chandler is one of the most dynamic point guards in the country, regardless of class and is ranked No. 14 overall in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25 for 2021. After leading Briarcrest Christian School (Eads, Tennessee) to its first-ever state title, Chandler led Mokan Elite (Missouri) to the coveted Peach Jam title in July. That’s got everyone from Duke to North Carolina to Kansas to Kentucky, among many others, in hot pursuit. Now he’s agreed to give USA Today Sports exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog. 

What’s up everyone this is Kennedy Chandler starting my new USA Today blog to give you guys a look at everything that goes on in my life on and off the court.

Right now, college coaches are coming out to my open gyms and that’s been really cool.

So far, I’ve had Duke, USC, Oklahoma, Syracuse, Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.

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It’s crazy because this time last year I didn’t have any schools coming out to my open gym. It just goes to show you how hard work can pay off. It’s still crazy to me that I’m in this position.

Right now, I have 39 offers and 36 of those came this summer. It’s really a dream come true for me.

Now I’m having cool conversations with some of the best programs. Like Coach Kim English from Tennessee telling me that he could beat me one-on-one, which we all know isn’t true. Haha!

We may have to line that up on a visit or something though.

It’s a blessing to be able to be texting with these coaches and be in the position to go to all of these great schools.

After the summer I didn’t take any time off.

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I’ve just been grinding and getting stronger and improving in every area of my game.

I workout at 5:30 a.m. five days a week. I’m committed to this!

School has been back in for about a month now so I’m all settled in. My favorite class right now is U.S. History. Right now, we’re learning about the French-Indian War. I just love hearing about the past and learning things like that.

Right now, I have all A’s so I’m trying to keep it that way.

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I’m excited about the coming season because we have the same team coming back after winning the state title. The goal is to get another one!

I know it’ll be harder because we’re gonna get everyone’s best shot, but if we just stay together I feel like we’ll have a strong chance.

I know we play at the City of Palms and we play IMG this year too! I’m looking forward to those because I love competition.

Individually, I want to be a better leader in every way. That’s what I’m really focusing on.

OK, stepping away from basketball, let me put y’all on to what I’m listening to lately. It’s mostly Young Thug and Lil Uzi.

I think Young Thug’s song “Hot” is my favorite song right now.

Oh and I just got done watching “Shooter” on Netflix and I would definitely give that two thumbs up! Y’all should check it out!

OK, that’s it for my first blog; I’ve gotta get up in the a.m. for that 5:30 workout I was telling you about, but it was great talking with you guys.

I’ll be back soon with another update for you.

Take care.

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