WATCH: 14U softball player robs home run, falls into wall netting

Twitter screenshot/@KKardash_2022

“So… this just happened.”

That’s how Kaylee Kardash, a third baseman and utility player on the 14U Beverly Bandits Demarini Richards baseball, started the tweet that included a video of her bashing a pitch over the wall — and then an outfielder robbing her of a home run.

“Putting it on (Twitter) because I don’t know who No. 19 Intensity is but this should definitely be in your highlight reel!”

Twitter, as it so often does, helps people find each other. Like a picture of two long-lost friends that will occasionally go viral, someone commented the name of No. 19.

Olivia Madkins, a class of 2023 outfielder/first baseman for the 14U KOD New Jersey Intensity Team, was the player who looked like a future (or current) Gold Glove winner with the catch.

As you can see, Madkins runs at the fencing with no regard to her safety. The netting is just strong enough to prevent the full force of her body from hitting the ground, and as it grabs her, she hangs onto the ball.

And a well-hit ball it was.

Kardash’s swing was smooth and she appears to have magnificent control of her body. She shifted her weight back and lifted her front foot in a fluid motion as she watched the pitch come in.

Then, she crushed it. Kardash was just unlucky that Madkins was there.

The crowd’s reaction was remarkably subdued. There was some shouting and the two women in frame clapped, but of the five people in the frame, it doesn’t look like any are too shocked about it.

Maybe it’s not the first time Madkins has made such an impressive play.

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