VIDEO: The 2019 all-Minnesota high school hockey hair team is in, and it is spectacular

Photo: YouTube screen shot

Every year, at the conclusion of the Minnesota State High School League state hockey tournament, Game On! Minnesota picks the All-Hockey Hair team. Each year, the hair-dos get more and more impressive in their retro opulence.

It turns out that 2019 will apparently be the final time Game On! produces it’s much beloved All-Hockey Hair video, but suffice to say it went out in style.

Before we get to the full video, let’s just acknowledge the creative genius of the special nomenclature. These are just some of the names used to describe fabulous teenage hockey hair by Game On!’s John King: the Malted Milkball, Michelangeflow, the Titanic, the Twin Tributaries, the Diamond in the Fluff, the Lion’s Mane, the Inboard Motor, the Flow Forest, the Dualie, Camelocks, the Loofa, the Kissing Bandit, Frosted Flakes, the Flow of Seagulls, the Railroad Baron.

That list is not comprehensive by the way. John King is an absolute gift.

So, without further ado, here’s the 2019 all-hair team in all it’s glory. Enjoy it for a final time:

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