VIDEO: Watch a young basketball player get pushed by a parent in the stands

Photo: @overtime/Twitter

As much as was made about a Golden State Warriors minority investor shoving Kyle Lowry during the NBA Finals, something even worse unfolded during a youth basketball game when a parent ran on to the court and shoved a player.

The horrible lowlight you see above was posted online by 10-year-old hoops phenom Peyton Kemp, so we assume the victim in question was of a relatively similar age … not that such a distinction should make the act better or worse. It’s horrific regardless.

The player in question appeared to shove or possibly hit an opponent after the play had just moved to the other side of the floor. That apparently inspired a reaction from that player’s father, or that of another teammate, with the grown adult rushing on to the floor to attack the player who initiated the shoving.

We don’t know what the final result of this incident was, whether there were any charges assessed or other penalties that came from it, but we can all hope it inspires everyone else to avoid similar incidents because it looks so brutal.

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