WATCH: Chad Johnson's 14-year-old daughter Cha'iel Johnson inherited his blazing speed

Photo: Twitter screen shot

Chad Johnson’s NFL legacy is most well known for his celebratory antics and brief period at the apex of the NFL receiving ranks. That success was based largely on his breakaway speed.

Now we know his athleticism has carried over to the next generation.

As noted by FloTrack, 14-year-old Cha’iel Johnson ran a 4:42 1500-meter race one day and 2:09.38 in an 800-meter sprint the very next day. That is blazing, blazing speed, especially for a runner who has yet to step foot on a high school campus.

The best part about Johnson’s highlight? Her celebratory zest after the finish. She truly is her father’s daughter.

Something tells us this is definitely not the last we’ll see of Cha’iel Johnson, or of Chad Johnson’s progeny in general. Lets certainly hope it’s not.

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