What We Learned: St. Louis dispatches Mililani in high-scoring game between Hawaii powers

Photo: Bryon Ng

Two Hawaii heavyweights went head to head, and each had a decent amount on the line.

Saint Louis (Honolulu) came into this matchup undefeated, while Mililani suffered its first loss of the year just last week.

Mililani (Hawaii) getting the win could put them right back in the West Regional Rankings, while a St. Louis loss would make it tough for it to earn one of the top ranks of the Super 25.

St. Louis quarterback Jayden de Laura put a stop to any upset talk. He threw for 380 yards enroute to a 54-21 victory over the Trojans. Here’s what we learned from the game.

Koali Nishigaya took over the game

Yes, yes, people have grown accustomed to de Laura making plays at quarterback for St. Louis (7-0), but you can’t forget about the talent he has at wide receiver.

Koali Nishigaya finished the game with five receptions for 263 yards and two touchdowns, according to ScoringLive.

Not only did he thrive in the passing game, but Nishigaya also scored a 1-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, which proved to be decisive: St. Louis took the lead with that score and held on to it for the rest of the game.

“His actions speak a lot more words than I could say, I mean, it’s right there on film. I mean, the things that he did, he’s a big-time guy,” St. Louis coach Cal Lee told ScoringLive about Nishigaya.

Jayden de Laura just doesn’t make that many mistakes

Mililani (6-2) learned that it’s hard to win a game when the opposing quarterback throws five touchdown passes. The three-star quarterback did just that, and threw only one interception, which came in the third quarter of the game.

St. Louis’ quarterback also went 12-19 in the game. He didn’t have nearly as many passing attempts as the other team, but de Laura capitalized on each one. That can happen with a quarterback as reliable as de Laura.

Mililani should move on quick

Two straight losses for a team that was undefeated just two weeks ago — that might be tough to swallow for Mililani.

However, the team had to go up against St. John Bosco (Bellflower, California) and St. Louis the last two weeks, both of which are ranked in the top 10 of the Super 25.

Mililani shouldn’t be too down about losses to teams that good. Next week, the Trojans play Kapolei, a team that is 3-5. Compared to its last two opponents, Mililani should have a much easier matchup next game.

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