Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine asks schools to not allow fans through December for winter sports

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has a simple request for high schools across the state — keep fans out of stands for another month.

Some schools across Ohio have paused their winter sports because of COVID-19 spikes in the area. For those that have not suspended their sports, DeWine requested on Tuesday that schools still playing not allow fans to attend.

“For those that have not suspended sports, we would ask you when you conduct winter sports — basketball games, whatever — to do so without fans,” DeWine said, per “This is another opportunity for us to pull back. It allows our student-athletes to continue to play, which as a parent or grandparent is the most important thing.”

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Ohio is asking schools to adopt this policy through Jan. 1, 2021, when it will be re-evaluated. However, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) followed up DeWine’s request by announcing that parents are still allowed to attend games. Last week, the OHSAA announced its intention to move ahead with the winter sports season as originally scheduled.

“As one superintendent told me today, the idea of bringing 200 adults into our gym at this point during the pandemic with the spread we’re seeing makes no sense,” DeWine said.

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