WATCH: Baserunning drill with YSPN360's Tarrik Brock

Whether you’re just learning the game of baseball or helping your team take a game in the World Series (while helping fans get free tacos), baserunning is an important aspect.

Sure, it doesn’t get the attention that, say, launching balls into the stratosphere might receive, but knowing your way around the basepath shouldn’t be neglected—and that tip goes equally for the coaches.

Not convinced? Just listen to Dodgers’ leadoff man, Mookie Betts:

As part of the coaching staff for our partners at YSPN360—and someone who has worked with the Dodgers in the past—Pittsburgh Pirates first base coach Tarrik Brock shares Mookie’s thoughts. 

And better yet, he has taken his professional-level baserunning tips and drills and broken them down, so it works just as easily for young players as it does for the guys in the MLB. 

One of his best to use this winter for right-handers (like Betts) is this Out of the Box—Fast Arms drill: 

[jwplayer xRdp4szA-vJAQJLoo]

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Coach Tarrik Brock, working with the Dodgers in 2019’s spring training.

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