Kanas high school football team wins Friday night game 108-0

Kanas high school football team wins Friday night game 108-0


Kanas high school football team wins Friday night game 108-0


Blowouts are a part of sports – and are more common at the high school level than anywhere else, thanks to the disparity in talent from team to team. And sometimes, that results in a ridiculous, lopsided final score.

That was certainly the case this past Friday night when one Kansas team won their game in a 100-plus point shutout.

Andale defeated Nickerson by a final score of 108-0. They led 78-0 at halftime and played their JV and freshmen players for the entire second half. The team finished with 12 touchdowns on just 35 plays. Meanwhile, their opponents didn’t complete a pass and finished with -62 rushing yards on 41 attempts.

Andale head coach Dylan Schmidt told The Eagle that it was tough to be a part of, and they tried their best to be respectful.

“It was a tough game to be a part of, it really was… We thought about kneeling it, but we felt like that would have been more disrespectful. We tried to slow things down and send it in slower. Give their staff credit: they weren’t upset and they realized we were doing everything we could have on our end.”

While many might not see any reason for highlighting sportsmanship efforts in such a game, one of the people against such arguments was the head coach on the other sideline, Taylor Bauman. 

“Obviously people are going to react to the final score, but I thought coach Schmidt handled it as well as he could have,” Bauman said. “I have absolutely nothing against what he did. They put their young guys in early and their young guys just executed better than our old guys. So there’s no hard feelings for what they did. Of course it’s hard losing like that, but I have a lot of respect for coach Schmidt and their program.”

Andale, a Kanas power in Class 3A, has now won 43 straight games under Schmidt. And the team nearly cracked the 100-point mark in a game last season—a 96-6 win over Trinity Academy (Wichita, Kan.).

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