Let the kids cartwheel: Teeball player flips 'again' on way to 1st base

Twitter screenshot: JomboyMedia via sal_digi /IG

It’s maybe the cutest viral play of the year — a teeball player hit a little ground ball toward the pitcher. The defense kicked the ball and scrambled after it. The hitter cartwheeled her way past them as she got to first safely.

Bat flipping isn’t enough for this gymnast. After she hit the ball, someone behind the camera (presumably her father) yelled “Go mami, go!” And go she did. The teeballer threw off her helmet to help maximize acceleration, raced down the line, and as soon as she passed the ball and clump of defenders, she went into a cartwheel. Based on not only her form but the fact that the person behind the camera let out an exasperated “again” after the cartwheel, it’s clear she’s had plenty of practice with this maneuver.

Don’t be surprised if the Savannah Bananas call her up sooner than later.

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