NCAA's big changes to recruiting rules, calendar start June 1

The NCAA is making significant changes to how colleges recruit high school athletes.

One of the significant changes is a move to 33 “evaluation days” from September to November for most student-athletes and service academy athletes getting 42 days. Designated staff members can only conduct off-campus visits to these prospects.

Another big item is a lift on restricting the number of calls school staffers can make to prospects during designated contact periods. However, schools are limited to eight off-campus, in-person contacts for Junior and Senior years and no more than one a week. There will also be no contact permitted before January 1 of an athlete’s Junior year.

The NCAA had this to say in a release, H/T Football Scoop.

“The football comprehensive recruiting model would modify the FBS and FCS recruiting calendars; adjust the first date to send recruiting materials, electronic correspondence and telephone calls; permit in-person off-campus contacts with high school juniors; reduce off-campus recruiting activities; and, in the Football Championship Subdivision, modify on-campus evaluations.”

These changes are set to go into effect on June 1. You can find a comprehensive list of the new rules here.

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