Aaron Rodgers

Corner Canyon QB Isaac Wilson stays in-state, commits to Utah

On Wednesday Wilson made the call, deciding to stay in-state and commit to the University of Utah.

All 8 starting QBs in the NFL Divisional Round were multi-sport HS athletes

Look back at the athletic careers of the quarterbacks who played in the NFL divisional playoff round, all of whom were multi-sport (...)

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers gives 375 helmets to Chico High, Paradise High and Pleasant Valley

Aaron Rodgers is donating 375 football helmets to Chico High, Paradise High, and Pleasant Valley, where he played high school football.

Aaron Rodgers wishes more kids played multiple sports

Count Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers among those who is a proponent of kids playing multiple sports.

Rodgers says he played baseball, basketball and...

Inside Valley QB Rocky Lombardi's endless pursuit of perfection

In the midst of a perfect regular season, the Valley quarterback has spent his entire football life working for more.