Crispus Attucks High School

For Oscar Robertson and Crispus Attucks, state title is about more than basketball

INDIANAPOLIS – Jamal Harris has a 48-inch vertical jump. Oscar Robertson, at age 78, does not. Not anymore.

But Robertson leapt to his feet...

Crispus Attucks cheer squad stands out from all others

Crispus Attucks won their first state title in over 50 years. Now see why the Attucks cheer squad stands out over all others.

Crispus Attucks' state title is 'bigger than basketball'

It was historic, and it was dramatic. For the first time since 1959, Crispus Attucks are state champions.

Insider: A win away from state title, history not lost on Crispus Attucks' latest generation

A power in the 1950s its been a long time since Crispus Attucks played for a state title.

Saturday's state finals feature a Poole party

“There are only eight teams left and they play on two of them," dad says. "That’s something to remember.”