Three Texas high school football players overdose on fake Xanax after homecoming win

A trio of South Texas high school football players reportedly overdosed on fake Xanax pills at a post-homecoming victory party.

Coaches collecting 20-30 syringes daily at Little League park in New Mexico

In New Mexico, while an opioid epidemic rages, a Little League park is facing its own battle: hypodermic needles. Coaches are finding 20-30 (...)

Minn. wrestling coach under investigation for allegedly giving medication to athlete

A Minnesota high school wrestling coach is in hot water over allegations that he and his wife, who is a nurse, gave oral medication...

N.C. HS football coach arrested for selling drugs at school

A North Carolina high school football coach was arrested this week and accused of selling drugs on school property.

California assistant football coach charged with felonies in drug, guns case

Brian Bishop was known as a strong coach, but is now facing four felony charges related to drugs and guns