22 players ejected after melee in New Jersey high school football game

A brawl erupts in N.J. high school football playoff game resulting in all 11 starters for each team on the field at the time...

Arizona player faces suspension after controversial ejection for high-stepping

Arizona senior wide receiver Cameron Torres made a difficult catch along the sideline but was penalized for high-stepping into the end (...)

Northern Vance was ruled ineligible from the N.C. playoffs for ejections in a fight with Warren County (Photo: Twitter)

Northern Vance ruled ineligible for N.C. football playoffs due to multiple ejections in a single game

Note to North Carolina football teams: Don't fight. No matter how angry you are, it's not worth it. Just ask Northern Vance.

The North Carolina...

Arizona player suspended for pointing to sky, thanking God cleared to play

Photo: AZCentral.com
Running back Pedro Banda can now prepare for El Mirage (Ariz.) Dysart's...

Colquitt County assistant coach Shawn Sutton was ejected after fighting with a member of the Lee County sideline chain gang (Photo: Twitter)

Ongoing investigations reveal new information in coach-chain gang sideline scuffle

The Georgia High School Association and officials at Lee County and Colquitt County schools are trying to determine what led to an altercation between...