end zone

La. school forced to remove sponsor's cross and bible verse from end zone

A Louisiana high school was forced to breach a signed sponsorship agreement because the end zone sponsor included both the word "Christ" (...)

VIDEO: Florida receiver bobbles ball along sideline but keeps feet in to secure TD

McArthur (Hollywood, Fla.) wide receiver Ethenic Sands Jr. keeps his concentration on this highlight reel touchdown, bobbling the ball and also making sure to...

UWF’s AstroTurf practice field nearing completion

The synthetic turf practice field is scheduled to completed by the end of the month.

Lourdes' Rotger-Timm tandem led offensive football all-stars

Dean Rotger and Luke Timm shared Offensive Player of the Year honors

John Jay's DiFusco leads list of defensive football all-stars

Frank DiFusco was named Defensive Player of the Year