Facebook (Photo: USA TODAY)

St. Louis high school football coach fired for checking on players through social media

A St. Louis high school football coach used social media to check-in with players whom he couldn't reach by phone and was fired for...

Why do social media 'fails' by young athletes keep happening?

Why would student-athletes post content that would be a red flag for college coaches, administrators, recruiters or employers?

The ASBN Network on Facebook will broadcast 17 different games on Facebook starting Friday night (Photo: Facebook screen shot)

Looking for your high school game? It might be streaming on Facebook

Facebook has been getting into the live sports game, broadcasting recent UEFA Champions League matches. Now it's getting into the football game, starting with...

What social media platforms are most popular with student-athletes?

There are some interesting lessons for current recruits and their parents.

Paw Paw keeps racist mascot, state ups ante

It's painful to write this, but the high school football team in Paw Paw should be allowed to keep its racist mascot.