Game suspended after brawl between two California high school girls basketball teams

A fight at a California high school basketball game is under investigation after a fan appeared to get involved.

Iowa HS basketball player arrested after throwing punches in handshake line

An Iowa boys high school basketball player was arrested and charged after throwing punches in the postgame handshake line.

Video of Georgia HS football fight released; Mother says son is afraid to return

A mother said her son was beat up by a football teammate in a Georgia high school locker room fight and is afraid to...

Teen umpire involved in adult brawl at youth game invited to MLB game

The teen who umpired a Colorado 7-year-old youth baseball game that turned into an adult brawl was invited to the Dodgers vs. Rockies (...)

Nevada HS coach, punched in face by parent, pushes for consequences for bad behavior

Ed Partee's jaw broke when a parent punched him during a game. The NIAA does not have any rules to penalize schools for fans'...


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