Fulton High School (knoxville)

Edward Lacy hit a free throw then celebrated with imaginary teammates (Photo: @overtime/Twitter screen shot)

VIDEO: Fulton (Tenn.) star Edward Lacy celebrates with imaginary teammates after technical free throw

The Fulton (Tenn.) star hit a technical free throw and refused to give up his routine

Bridge named in memory of hero Zaevion Dobson, who shielded friends from gunfire

The Heiskell Avenue bridge over Interstate 275 in Tennessee was officially renamed the Zaevion Dobson Memorial Bridge on Friday.

Back in April, lawmakers approved changing...

VIDEO: Tenn. player with special needs scores touchdown for sister battling cancer

Fulton (Knoxville) High led by 56 points when Union County senior Jacob Stiner broke out for a 95-yard touchdown run on Friday.

Stiner has special...

Two charged with murder in Zaevion Dobson case

KNOXVILLE — Police have charged two men with first-degree murder in the death of Zaevion Dobson, the teenager who...

Zack Dobson hurtled a would-be defender during Knoxville Fulton's season (Photo: Twitter)

VIDEO: Zack Dobson, brother of late hero Zaevion Dobson, turns in early play of the year

When Fulton football player Zaevion Dobson sacrificed his life to protect two other students in an act President Obama called heroic, his twin brother...