girls playing with boys

WATCH: 7-year-old girl delivers incredible Little League baseball highlight reel

A 7 year-old girl named Ashlynn was told not to play baseball. She didn't listen, and the highlight reel she delivered is ample proof...

More weigh in on significance of Laura Barry coaching N.C. high school boys basketball team

The new boys basketball coach at Wautaga High School continues to generate attention and plaudits.

50 years after girls first played sports in Minn., state is poster child for high school participation

Five decades after girls first began playing high school sports in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has emerged as the ultimate poster (...)

One of the best boys soccer players in Conn. is a girl

Sabrina Porter is the rock of her soccer team at Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, outside Hartford. There's just one catch: She's the (...)

Maryland HS cheerleader becomes football player, scores 'glass ceiling' TD

Mimi Britt has done more than don a uniform and accept a symbolic role on a team while kicking field goals or the like....


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