Little League

Little League World Series Final to feature Louisiana and Curacao. Who will win?

Louisiana and Curacao surprised some people to make it to the final. Which team do you have winning?

Meet the 11 pro athletes who played in a Little League World Series Championship Game

Just 11 players have reached the championship game of the Little League World Series, then gone on to reach a professional sports (...)

WATCH: One bad call at Little League World Series, and everyone made the same Angel Hernandez joke

Two things we know: 1) People are worried about umpiring at the Little League World Series, and 2) Everyone knows Angel Hernandez has the...

WATCH: Venezuelan LLWS coaches appear to be telling players to imitate Eddie Gaedel

Eddie Gaedel, a little person from Chicago, is the shortest MLB player in history. At the Little League World Series, the Venezuelan team has...

WATCH: Minnesota LLWS star Maddy Freking stopped in stands by younger girl for selfie

Minnesota native and Little League World Series female pitcher Maddy Freking has emerged as a bona fide celebrity in Williamsport. Now (...)


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A woman drives a car on to a Maine Little League field, where she struck and killed one man (Photo: @DanMcWGME/Twitter screen shot)
Northeast Los Angeles Little League (Photo: Facebook)
Richie Gilboy (Photo: Twitter screen shot)
Jeffrey 'Boog' Powell (Photo: Twitter screen shot)
C.J. Wallace scored a game-winning run with a wild play at the plate (Photo: YouTube screen shot)
One-handed Little Leaguer Keenan Briggs hit his first career home run during a District 1 Little League All-Star Game in Kentucky (Photo: Twitter screen shot)
Brayden Gero, a Little Leaguer with Down Syndrome, celebrates recording the season's final out (Photo: Instagram screen shot)
Caleb Pringle reacts to his first ever home run (Photo: Twitter screen shot)
Bryce Harper (Photo: Twitter screen shot)
Zayden Cabral (Twitter screen shot)
A wild pitch shattered the camera glass behind home plate at the Little League World Series (Photo: Vine)
Panama slugger Esmith Pineda (Photo: Vine)