Nike’s The Opening

VIDEO: This wild catch by Bobo Stewart was ... somehow a catch?

North Mecklenburg wide receiver Bobo Stewart pulled down one of the catches of the offseason at a Nike The Opening regional event.

Demond Demas and Faizal Akinlusi compete at The Opening regionals (Photo: @TheOpening/Twitter)

VIDEO: The Opening Regionals faceoff between WR Demond Demas and DB Faizal Akinlusi was epic

Most drills at The Opening's regional competitions don't turn into much more than talented players boxing each other out. This was (...)

This tip-drill TD catch exemplifies hands that won Kyle Ford The Opening MVP

There are tip-drill catches, and then there's the TD that MVP Kyle Ford pulled in at The Opening

Derek Stingley Jr. carries on family's football tradition

Dunham (Baton Rouge) defensive back Derek Stingley Jr., the grandson of former New England Patriots wide receiver Derek Stingley, has been (...)

Amite, La., defensive lineman Ishmael Sopsher feasting at The Opening

Ismael Sopsher dominated the competition during Monday's one-on-ones between the offensive and defensive linemen.