Offensive mascots

As Alaska high school football kicks off, consolidated team deals with new mascot struggles

The merged high school football team between Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain chose Thunder Bear as a mascot, then learned that was (...)

Paw Paw keeps racist mascot, state ups ante

It's painful to write this, but the high school football team in Paw Paw should be allowed to keep its racist mascot.

Paw Paw Michigan's teams will continue to be the Redskins (Photo: Twitter screen shot)

Michigan school keeps Redskins mascot despite vocal opponents

After months of debate, one Michigan school district decided to stand pat with its controversial mascot, even if it offends some within the district,...

Goshen High School will change its mascot from the Redskins to Red Hawks on January 1 (Photo: WSJV)

Indiana high school changes mascots midway through the season

The Goshen High School (Ind.) athletic teams are in the midst of an interesting season. On Tuesday, the Goshen boys basketball team was the...

Massachusetts school adjusting image of Marauders mascot in latest PC shift

The slow creep of politically correct mascots has reached Massachusetts and gone beyond teams which called themselves the Redskins. In fact, the latest school...