Pittsburgh Pirates

Canadian LLWS player says what everyone already knows: Pirates fans have given up because team stinks

The Canadian Little League World Series squad from British Columbia took an off day to head to a Pirates game. A star was interviewed...

Jameson Taillon (Photo: USA TODAY)

Houston showcases extraordinary depth on MLB Opening Day rosters

A full 19 players from the Houston area were on the Opening Day rosters of MLB teams, with 10 other players likely to make...

Andrew McCutchen and the North Allegheny baseball team (Photo: @TheCutch22/Twitter screen shot)

Andrew McCutchen asks for batting practice, gets it from Pittsburgh-area pitching coach

The new Giants OF is still in Pennsylvania and taking advantage of his good will

Mountain Ridge's all-time baseball lineup card

Glendale Mountain Ridge hasn’t won a state title but coach Lance Billingsley has put out a consistently strong baseball program that (...)

Greg Brown: from backup mascot to voice of the Pirates

Greg Brown, a radio and television announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, grew up in Central Pennsylvania with...