Headscarves, hoops and victories: Milwaukee girls basketball team shatters stereotypes

The Salam Stars, an all-Muslim girls varsity basketball team in Milwaukee, is off to its best start ever.

Colorado Springs Police Officer Cem Duzel (Photo: Colorado Springs Police Dept.)

Colorado Springs Christian tennis coach reprimanded for anti-Islamic tweets following shooting

Colorado Springs Christian boys tennis coach Bob McCall sent anti-Islamic tweets following the shooting of a police officer

The East Coweta football team's pregame prayer (Fox 5 screen shot)

Georgia legislator attempts to pass bill to allow coaches to pray with students

Bill is reaction to East Coweta coach John Smalls penalties from 2017

Okla. district investigates complaint that football coach leads team in Christian prayer before games

Oklahoma district investigates complaint that assistant football coach leads team in Christian prayer before games.

Soccer referee in Pa. bans Sikh player for wearing religious head wear

A freshman soccer player in Pa. was recently removed from a game due to his religious headwear.

Officials told WPVI-TV that the incident occurred...