Zaevion Dobson

Judge doles out hefty prison terms in Zaevion Dobson slaying

The three young men convicted in the slaying of Zaevion Dobson back in 2015 get hefty prison sentences.

Emotions high at trial for three accused in Zaevion Dobson shooting

Zaevion Dobson's mother had to be escorted from the courtroom after weeping at the sight of the shirt her son wore the night he...

Playground dedicated to Zaevion Dobson, the teen who was killed shielding classmates from gunfire

Zenobia Dobson leaned forward and kissed a photo of her son on the sign bearing his name and football jersey number Wednesday. Moments earlier,...

MTSU player gives new signee Zack Dobson No. 24 to honor late brother, Zaevion

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Sometimes a memory of someone who has passed away can live on in ordinary things.

For wide receiver Zack Dobson, part of MTSU's...

Bridge named in memory of hero Zaevion Dobson, who shielded friends from gunfire

The Heiskell Avenue bridge over Interstate 275 in Tennessee was officially renamed the Zaevion Dobson Memorial Bridge on Friday.

Back in April, lawmakers approved changing...


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